Food-Group für Großhandel
Food-Group für Großhandel
  • HACCP certification
    Our warehouse has a HACCP certification.
  • We specialize in pizza ingredients
    From authentic Italian pizza flour to covering, here you will find a complete range of ingredients.
  • Fleet
    Our fleet guarantees you a fast and reliable shipping directly to you.
  • Warehouse
    Profit from our large storage capacities and thus short delivery times.
  • Our Location
  • Europe-wide delivery
    We are here for you on the road and deliver to almost every corner in Europe.
  • It depends on the price
    One bill, small price. Why pay too much?



ALFARON Food Group

ALFARON is a service for you as a wholesaler, which brings together Europe's most important brands under one roof and deliver the products directly to you.

For every dealer in Europe, we are a promising solution, which allows you to make guaranteed profits while lowering your risks.

Because your strength begins on the market with your purchase volume:
  • when you calculate the storage costs with EUR 5 per sqm
  • when you estimate the storage costs (heating, electricity, ...) with about EUR 1.5 per sqm
  • if you want to increase your storage, you may require additional personnel
  • if you also want to increase your cold storage room, except additional costs
  • if you expand your storage space, you will also need a larger inventory
  • if you want a large inventory, you may require additional financing through your bank
  • you may not have the ability to purchase all products directly from the manufacturer
  • if you want to maintain a good price for a long time, you might need a contract (which has its own advantages and disadvantages)
  • you may not have every product in stock all the time
  • you may lose control in a large inventory

ALFARON offers you many big brands without obligations, bonds and other risk.

We offer

  • Unbeatable Prices

    We offer a wide selection of brand name products at unbeatable prices.
  • Top Brands

    We only work with major brand manufacturers.
  • Full Service

    Fast delivery throughout Europe from our reliable drivers to directly to you.
  • HACCP certification

    Your food is in good hands thanks to our HACCP certificate.